Bring life to your environment by design

Our Why

As a designer, artist and Interior Architect, Mona King - Founder and Chief Creative Cultivator of Mona + Associates Design, LLC spent years in design positions ranging from screen-printing to designing interior for multi-million dollar business environments. Always for someone else, as an employee.

Through the years, she was motivated by some spaces and less by others dependent upon the ability to design for the users, occupants and purpose.  The satisfaction was less when the Owners/Executives direction was "just get it done". The lessons learned; occupants are more productive in spaces connected to nature. This is known as Biophilic Design. We design human-centered environments, art and products to make the spaces comfortable, functional , creative and inspiring. We are innately connected to nature; natural light, wood, stones, water and elements within our instincts to survive. Living Aura products and services capture our passion. 

Please share our passion; art, products and site with friends and family. A portion of all sales and commissions is donated to non-profit Arts organizations. 

We bring life to your environment by design.

Stay well, 

Mona King

Mona + Associates Design, LLC